Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cazuela - Drink Healthy

Sailors and pirates would have found this the perfect way to avoid scurvy.

The Saturday night I dined at El Parian in Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, Mexico, three to four mariachi bands were circulating at all times in the huge restaurant. I found  Cazuela the perfect way to deflect the dissonant sounds of dueling bands.

It is traditionally served in soup bowl-sized vessels with a straw

El Parian Cazuela

 For each person, include
 2 oz Tequila   
1 dash Salt   
1 slice Lime   
1 slice Grapefruit   
1 slice Lemon   
1 slice Orange   
1 tsp Grenadine   

Squirt and mineral water

 For each slice of fruit, squeeze in another slice or two worth of its juice into pitcher or the traditional, large shallow clay bowl each person gets. Fill serving glass or bowl with salt, tequila, grenadine and fruit slices. Fill to top to taste with Squirt, a bit of mineral water and/or more tequila. Add wide straw and serve.

This is a good drink to serve at family gatherings where children are included. Make a big pitcher full without tequila and let the adults add liquor to taste.


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