Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Morton's Red Velvet

Judging from your response to the Cunard Gin cocktails, everyone out there is thirsty so here's another drink recipe.

It's from Morton's, the steakhouse people, and is available at special times during the year, notably Valentines and Mother's Days. Here's the recipe so you can sip it any time.

The Red Velvet

2 oz. Lindeman's Raspberry Lambic
4 oz. Prosecco
.5 oz. chambord
1 raspberry
1 lemon peel

In a mixing glass stir in liquid ingredients with 2 ounces of ice for 5 seconds. Strain into a champagne flute. Squeeze lemon peel over glass and garnish with a fresh raspberry on a pick. And yes, the drink should have a foam cap.

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  1. Oh yes! Tried preparing one, seems I succeeded, because suddenly I had to make several more! Thanks for the recipe!

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