Monday, May 14, 2012

The Shores Resort: BEST Grilled Cheese Sandwich

If you think a grilled cheese sandwich is as mundane as they come, sink your teeth into the one served around the pool at The Shores Resort and Spa in Daytona Beach Shores, FL.

In an effort to keep calories down to a roar, I split one with a friend. I could feel the arteries clogging and waist expanding with each bite but oh, the pleasure of it.

Health and calories be damned. Next time no sharing. I'm eating the whole thing.

The Shores Grilled Cheese Sandwich

2 slices             Panini Bread
1 ounce            Parmesan/Bread Crumb Crust
1 ounce            Whole Butter, Soft
2 slices             American cheese
2 ounces           Blend of Cheddar and Monterey Jack Cheese
2 slices             Smoked Gouda

1.)            Butter one side of each bread slice, and then press into the bread crumbs. Mix
2.)            Place in Buttered Flattop with the breadcrumb side down
3.)            Place 2 slices of American on one side, 2 sliced of Gouda on the other and then divided the Cheddar/Montery blend on both.
4.)            Cook until crust is golden brown
5.)            Remove, sliced in half and serve

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