Monday, October 1, 2012

Smacos: South Dakota version of s'mores

The Outdoor Campus, Sioux Falls, S. D.
Thea Miller Ryan, travel writer and director of The Outdoor Campus in Sioux Falls, S. D., introduced me to Smacos, a south of the border, slightly tidier version of the campfire classic S'mores.

"It's a big hit with folks who love to camp or have a fire pit in their backyards," said the woman who runs this fabulous hands-on center that introduces South Dakotans to the outdoors and how to enjoy it.

You don't need a pit, just take the grill off the barbecue and throw them on the coals. The kids will love it.


Flour tortillas (substitute corn tortilla for gluten free), at least one per person
Peanut butter
Chocolate chips
Small marshmallows

Ready to roll, fold, foil and heat.
Spread the tortilla with peanut butter. Top with 2 tsp. chocolate chips followed by  about 15 small marshmallows.

Ready for the coals.
Roll and fold the tortilla then roll it up in aluminum foil and seal well.

Put on embers or charcoal for 30 seconds on each side (more or less depending on the strength of the coals).

Not ready yet; put it back on the coals until chocolate and marshmallows are melted.

Eat and enjoy when it's ready!

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