Monday, February 11, 2013

Quebec City's Bonhomme Caribou

Quebec City
Winter days hover around freezing with nights in minus single and double-digits, yet residents of Quebec City embrace winter, holding the world's largest winter carnival. Thousands of outsiders, many from much warmer climes, join them in life-sized foosball games on ice,  sleigh rides, hot tubs, white knuckle-fast toboggan runs, ice carving contests and spending nights on slabs of ice in Hotel de Glace.

Drinking - but not hot caribous - from ice glasses is a winter tradition.
All of that comes with rib-sticking treats like beaver tails, maple candy and a sure warmer, the Caribou.

I found Quebec restaurateurs and chefs jealous guardians of their recipes, but one Quebecois shared his for the Caribou.

The photograph isn't the best - no fancy stemware in the Bistro - and is a bit fuzzy - did I mention how cold it was? - but pretty is as good tastes and this tastes good.
A steaming hot Caribou, just the ting for a cold night or day.

Carnaval de Quebec Caribou

Star anise or cinnamon

Mix two-thirds Merlot with one-third brandy. Heat, seasoning with star anise or cinnamon, to taste.

Can also be served cold but I wouldn't recommend it during Quebec winters.

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