Friday, March 12, 2010

Mussels on the mind

Mussels are the chameleons of seafood, lending themselves to a variety of preparations while maintaining the integrity of their flavor. No surprise then that I've run across two wonderful recipes this month.

Here's one from Chef de Cuisine Erik Forrest of The Grill at the Fairmont Scottsdale. Wherever you want to go, chances are a Fairmont Hotel arrived first to offer fine food, accommodations and activities.

It calls for two ingredients your grocery store might not have. Chistorras, the sweet and spicy sausages from Spain can be ordered at
Salt Spring Island Mussels are the meaty Mediterranean variety and can be ordered from a number of Canadian suppliers including

The Fairmont Scottsdale Salt Spring Island Mussels - The Grill @ Fairmont Scottsdale
Yield: Makes 10


·         10 Each Salt Spring Island Mussels
·         1/4 Oz Garlic
·         1/4 Oz Shallot
·         1/4 Oz Tomato, diced
·         1/4 Oz Parsley, chopped
·         2 Oz Chistorra Sausage
·         3 Oz White Wine
·         4 Oz Butter

Garlic Toast
·         2 Slices Brioche
·         1 Ounce Garlic Butter (8 oz butter, 2 oz garlic, 1/2 oz chives)


For Mussels
·         Sweat garlic, shallot and chistorra sausage 3 to 4 minutes on medium heat, taking care not to add color.
·         Add mussels and deglaze with white wine.
·         Cook until mussels just open.
·         Add tomato and butter.
·         Toss with parsley and adjust seasoning with lemon juice and salt to finish.

For Garlic Toast
Rub brioche with garlic butter and brown on both sides.